Civic Activities

The Association sponsors a number of activities, projects, and presentations. Although
diversified, the Civic Activities Committee is a major part of the association. We welcome volunteers who would like to help out in their area of interest.

Town Beautification

The Association contributes to the attractive appearance of the village centers by providing financial assistance to beautification groups
and maintaining Academy Park between the Academy Building and the post office.


The Town Grove

Through the Association’s Toulmin Fund various projects are done annually at the Town Grove. These include swim lane and dock construction
and maintenance, tree work, and other special projects.


Several town planning forums have been sponsored by the Association in the past. For example, in 1990 Loralplac (Long Range Planning and ……..) worked to provide insight into the objectives for the townspeople to consider. In 2000 the Salisbury Forum, consisting of … committees, held public meetings to determine the issues about which residents were most concerned. Out of this effort the independent Salisbury Housing Trust was launched and continues its fine work from an office in the Association’s Academy Building.

Holiday Activities

The Fourth of July picnic at the Town Grove is sponsored and organized by the Association. Special Christmas readings are presented at the Wardell Room of the library. A Christmas concert is performed
and enjoyed at the Academy Building.


Through the Association’s Powell Fund trees are planted and maintained throughout the town. This work is supervised by Kiefer Forestry and financed by the Association.

Art Exhibits

The Academy Building has served as a venue for numerous art exhibits with works by both children and established artists.


Lectures are arranged, sometimes in cooperation with Scoville Library, on a wide variety of subjects. In 2008 the Association sponsored, with The Hotchkiss School, an exhibit of the works of Ellen Emmit Rand.